Genius is the Holy Spirit indwelling your body.  And it is wrong to say that it is trapped there; though it longs to be free.  Inherently, it then works with the body to create your soul.  From there, you simply have to express yourself; bringing out that which is within you into the field of human history and society in general.  So go thou forward and speak, write, build, mold, construct, sing, paint, dance and compose; play…play and play.  This is the beauty of life and that which we bring to enhance the collective beauty of our culture.  It is no coincidence that Sefira at the center of the Ruach; the center of our soul is called Beauty.

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  1. The Nature of Genius
    Sermon Notes

    1. Genius is the expression of embodied spirit.
    1A. Two types of spirits; the Atman & Praeternatural.
    1A1. The Atman is the emergent, individuated voice of the person creating his or her own life.
    1A2. Praeternatural spirits can be of all types:
    o elemental spirits
    o disincarnate beings
    o angelic archetypes
    o psychic forces

    2. The Gnostic is seeking that which is called the annointing or the Christ consciousness by way of creative effort.
    2A. Establishing one’s place in society, family & work environment is a sure start.
    2A1. What do you bring to the world that is your own unique gift?
    2B. Praeternatural spirits need not necessarily be viewed as real. But the are at least, most certainly the psychic forces of one’s own mind.
    2B1. That these psychic forces are projected out into the world, creates a reciprocal relationship w/the world.
    2B2. This is the external dialogue: WE MUST SPEAK. Gospel of Thomas: That which you have within you must be brought forth. If yoiu do so, it will save you. If you do not, it will destroy you; e.g. the great idea one hears in one’s head that sounds ridiculous, once spoken.
    2B3. These psychic forces projected from within ourselves are the expression of the Holy Spirit within us.
    2B3a. This is why we say we are not spirits trapped in matter, but spirits liberated in matter.

    3. Before the inner voice; the Atman that is the voice of your soul, can come forward, it must be poerfected (asar un nefer).
    3A. The study of philosophy & the holy books is a certain key.
    3B. Critical thinking skills, art of rhetoric & debate is yet another key.
    3C. The development of moral & ethical behavior through the trials of everyday life in a world of contending forces builds credulity & character.
    3D. Recognizing yur emotional anguish and how that has led you to wisdom, as well as counting your blessings & how that has also shown you wisdom is the record of your strength & power.

    4. AL:I.11 “These are fools that men adore; both their Gods & their men are fools.”
    4A. Genius is not ‘nice.’ As you learn to speak with your own voice, you become, as a lamp in the darkness; attracting gnats and moths.
    4A1. LXV:I.37 “So they will reproach thy servant, saying: Who hath set thee to save us?”
    LXV:I.22 “Happy are they that praise thee; for they see thee with Mine eyes.”
    4B. Genius is proactive and that can really annoy complacent fools.
    4B1. One becomes as if an alarm clock, so dreaded & hated by the sleeper.
    4B1a. The sleepers are lazy fools that would worship idols and false gods; placating themselves before such, as cowards do.
    4B1a1. They will attack you as mercenary soldiers; championing their blind god & speaking on behalf of this mute god.
    4C. Likewise Genius is annoyed by those blind to the spirit of the Divine in them. And they know not to waste their energy on their behalf.
    4C1. That this be compassionate is a condescension; a vice of a king.

    5. In a simple schematic, here’s how to develop Genius:
    5A. Know – where to seek your voice.
    5B. Will – to formulate your own voice.
    5C. Dare – to express this voice.
    5D. Silence – that which gets in the way of your voice.


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